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The Hampton Roads Business Journal: Lightbridge Academy Extends its Circle of Care to Virginia Beach
The area's first Lightbridge Academy center is set to open this fall.

Neil and Jane Yaeger are bringing the first Lightbridge Academy to Virginia Beach this fall. The new center is the first location in Virginia and makes way for greater expansion throughout the state.

“We see the brand growing because of what we are and how we stand out from competitors,” Mele told Inside Business.

Neil has had a lengthy career in the corporate world while Jane was a teacher for more than 15 years. Together, they plan to use their experience to bring an unrivaled concept to the community - one that looks at every aspect of a child's learning curriculum and incorporates technology, allowing parents to stay better connected. 

“Parents can log into a secure site and view their children throughout the day,” Jane Yaeger told Inside Business. “I feel like, especially in a military town, that it is such an asset for grandparents living in another state or even dad sitting in an office here to be able to log in and see their children learning and really be a part of their children’s lives.”

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