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Jacksonville Business Journal: Lightbridge Academy Identifies Jacksonville, Florida as Key Development Market
Florida was projected to be one of the top states for franchise growth this year.

Florida was projected this year to be one of the top states for franchise growth, and the Jacksonville Business Journal recently spoke with Lightbridge Academy senior vice president of franchise sales Mark Mele about the brand and their plans for the area.

According to the article, Jacksonville's population and presence of working parents make the market a great fit for Lightbridge Academy. The article also discusses why franchising can be a great model for new business owners.

Said Mele, “Franchising is for the most part a proven track to run on. If you’re starting a brand it would be smart to look at franchising and see if you could buy into a brand that already has a presence. And it’s easy to replicate, that’s why people are attracted to it. They would rather pay royalty fees than be out there on their own.”

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