Lightbridge Academy Recognized by SmartCEO for Unique Corporate Culture

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Lightbridge Academy Recognized by SmartCEO for Unique Corporate Culture
Lightbridge Academy Recognized by SmartCEO for Unique Corporate Culture
Lightbridge Academy’s "Circle of Care" philosophy sets the brand apart when it comes to company culture.

The most successful companies understand how culture can be a business’ greatest asset. When done right, an intentionally cultivated and developed work environment can drive both performance and growth.

That’s why, every year, SmartCEO honors some of the top companies that foster a creative, collaborative workplace culture to enhance performance and sustain a competitive advantage. Officially dubbed the SmartCEO’s Corporate Culture Awards, winners are recognized for championing a positive, productive and performance-driven culture in their organization.

In New Jersey alone, 50 companies were celebrated for their unique company cultures. And this year, Lightbridge Academy was included amongst a prestigious list of businesses.

“For us, the 2016 Corporate Culture Award is about creating a place where energy and ideas are cultivated. And through this, we’re able to not only enhance our company’s performance, but we can also enrich the lives of the people we employ and the people we serve,” said Guy Falzarano, the founder and CEO of Lightbridge Academy. “We’re honored to be celebrated amongst other leaders of New Jersey’s top company cultures.”

Lightbridge Academy’s cultural advantage is evident in just about everything the brand does. While many companies often say they have a vision and core values, few actually live, foster and reinforce them on a daily basis. Since 1997, that’s exactly what has made Lightbridge Academy different from the rest—they’re not just in the day care, child care or preschool business. They’re in the business of transforming lives.

At the center of Lightbridge Academy’s culture is its Circle of Care philosophy, which puts a strong emphasis on the needs of parents, staff, the local community, owners and children to form a supportive relationship that inspires a nurturing environment.

“Lightbridge Academy’s Circle of Care is a belief that everyone in the organization holds dear. This philosophy attracts like-minded owners, staff, vendors and families that value caring relationships. It’s our belief that if everyone is happy and supported, they will—in turn—care and watch out for one another,” Falzarano said.

That Circle of Care philosophy and the core values of the company are what set Lightbridge Academy apart in its industry—and it’s a culture that Falzarano is proud to say flows from the top down and from the bottom up. And that is what ultimately makes the company one that people want to be a part of time and time again.

“It’s very difficult for others to replicate. Our franchise owners experience this culture of care, and our franchise training programs show them how to replicate the culture within their Lightbridge Academy center. Our core values and Circle of Care philosophy are a common thread that everyone utilizes when making a decision to join our family,” Falzarano said.

Lightbridge Academy, along with the 49 other businesses honored with SmartCEO’s Corporate Culture Awards, will be recognized on November 1 at the Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, New Jersey.